A necessary break in routine for the crew (2024)


Readers of “RVSue and her canine crew” are accustomed to it being written in the present tense for events in the past. That’s because I enjoy having readers travel with me where we can experience together a particular time and place and live in the moment. In storytelling and when reminiscing for the enjoyment of others, “is” is far more engaging than “was.”

Therefore, as you read this post, keep in mind we’re in early summer 2021. — Sue

Today is Tuesday, June 15th.

Dog owners know the importance of routines for establishing security for their canine family members (and crew). We have lots of routines at our house in southeastern Arizona.

One such routine helps us with separation.

Before I leave Reggie and Roger and go away, I always kneel down to each one individually, cup their face in my hands, and say these same, exact words in a cheerful, matter-of-fact voice.

“I’m going bye-bye. I’ll be back. I promise. You be a good boy.”

They understand and accept the message, knowing from experience that I will keep my word.

For this day the message has to change.

For the first time it’s necessary to modify the routine. I cup Roger’s face in my hands and look closely into his wide, brown eyes.

“Roger, listen to me, honey. Reggie and I are going bye-bye. We’ll be back . . .etc . ”

Roger thoughtfully absorbs the news. He doesn’t fuss or whine. I load Reg in the truck and, as we drive away, Roger’s sweet face watches through the bedroom window.

That went well, easier than I thought. He’s gonna’ be okay.

Reggie has an appointment.

Today is his day to return to the vet clinic for dental surgery. As I place him in the arms of the vet assistant, again I use the words, “I’ll be back. I promise. You be a good boy.”

Later around 5:30 I pick up my dopey little Reggie and we go straight home. You can imagine Roger’s joy as we come through the door! I put Reggie to nap on our bed; Roger positions himself nearby.

Twenty-one teeth removed, Reggie still has enough teeth for him to eat normally. I thought I might need to moisten kibble for him, but he still prefers to eat it crunchy.

The bill?

$560.40 including pain med and antibiotic. Worth every penny. I had thought Reggie’s recent behavior changes were due to aging. Since the surgery he’s happier, more energetic, and always game for a play-fight or zoom-chase with Rog. He’s even resumed kissy attacks each morning!

You were such a big boy, Reg. . . . You, too, Rog.

Chickens are being chickens.

The four chickens are almost fully matured — remember this is June; they were chicks in February — and already two are laying. The much-awaited first egg I crack into the pan is a perfect double-yolker! I give the chickens non-gmo feed. At present they have an 8′ x 8′ run. I plan to allow them daily time to range outside the run, once certain security measures are in place (hawks).

The shells are hard, the whites are a delicate, pure white, and the yolks are a firm, deep yellow, altogether better tasting than store-bought.

At this point I’m gathering two eggs a day, picking them out of the nesting box at 9:30, still warm and in their miraculous bloom.

More coop talk another time . . . .

An excellent or crappy decision?

Time will tell.

I stroll around Home Depot’s Garden Center and come upon shade trees for sale.

Oh, goody! The yard needs more trees!

Most are about 5 feet tall and priced at $100. Typically, I search for a deal and find a batch of pretty, deciduous trees at $80 each. The tag says “Rayburn Ash.” I whip out my phone and search.

Hmm . . . . These are nice . . . wow, fast-growing to 40 feet . . . yellow fall foliage . . . .

Between my phone and the customer service guy I decide which one I want. It’s healthy and already has a woody main stem whereas the others aren’t that mature yet.

Happily I take it home (love my Silverado!) and, along with the help of two male friends with strong backs and shovels, it goes into a prime place in the front yard.


Later I go online and look up “Rayburn Ash Trees” again where I learn that millions of these trees have been wiped out from the American landscape due to their being prone to various diseases and pests.

My heart sinks.

Well, ain’t that just great. No wonder there isn’t another tree like it in this entire neighborhood. And no wonder it was on sale. But, darn, it’s so pretty . . . .

I add a bag of soil conditioner to its base, simply because that’s what I have on hand, and move soil into a large, water collection pool. Every day for a couple weeks I fill that pool with water, and then switch to every other day (until the rains start later in summer).

Streetwalkers passing by – er, no — People walking by on the street remark that they like the new tree. Every time I take a break on the porch I delight that so far it is defying the doom predicted by online arborists.

That little tree exudes exuberant life, growing three feet in two months, its outstretched arms waving glossy green flags in every breeze.


“Oh, as long as I know how to love I know I’ll stay alive. I’ve got all my life to live. I’ve got all my love to give. And I’ll survive.Iwillsurvive, hey, hey . . . .”

I owe faithful readers an apology.

I’m sorry for being absent from this blog and its comment section for so long. You may think me ungrateful for the support and affection you’ve given me and my crews all these years, but that isn’t so. I do treasure you all. I cheer for your good news and ache over your heartbreak. It’s heartwarming to see how the blogorinos support each other.

Thank you for continuing to stop by “the porch.”

I appreciate the kind messages and happy birthday wishes. (I did have a happy birthday and with my favorite white cake with white frosting, of course.)

As always, all are welcome to gather in comments. However, I’ll remain behind the scenes. Maybe that will compel me to write posts more often. Once I get us up-to-date I hope to share our first truck-camping experience!



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Until next time, be well . . . . Sue

A necessary break in routine for the crew (1)

A necessary break in routine for the crew (2024)
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