Celebrate the Start of Spring with B&M's Fabulous Forest Garden Range (2024)

Celebrate the Start of Spring with B&M's Fabulous Forest Garden Range (1)

Spring is in the air and, here at B&M, we’re positively blooming with pride and excitement at the fabulous range of Forest products we’ve got waiting for you. Many of them are brand new to market – never-before-seen offerings to make your garden the envy of your friends. Others are established favourites, now at even lower prices but sure to score highly in terms of customer satisfaction.

A diverse range of products they might be, but what all our Forest garden-based lines have in common is their ability to brighten up your spring and ensure 2023 is an absolutely vintage year for you in the garden.

Let’s take a look at 5 of our favourites right now…

3' x 4' Forest Victorian Walkaround Greenhouse with Auto Vent (0.9m x 1.2m)

Celebrate the Start of Spring with B&M's Fabulous Forest Garden Range (2)

Growing your own fruit and veg isn’t just hugely rewarding, it’ll save you a fortune on your grocery bills too. What’s more, homegrown produce is far tastier and more nutritious than what you’ll find in the supermarkets.

Greenhouses also provide the perfect environment for nurturing tender seedlings, as well as giving you the opportunity to grow more exotic plants.

This eye-catching Forest greenhouse offers you the chance to enjoy all these benefits, even if you have a smaller garden. It is designed with 4 doors, removable slatted staging and an automatic vent, so you can gain easy access to your plants, organise them effectively, and create a growing environment in which they’ll thrive.

2'11 x 1'3 Forest Wooden Garden Living Wall Planter (0.9m x 0.39m)

Celebrate the Start of Spring with B&M's Fabulous Forest Garden Range (3)

On the subject of gardening, how about treating yourself to a standout wooden planter, so that you can show off your plants in style? Well, this jaw-dropping raised bed from Forest is brand new for 2023 and fits the bill perfectly.

The planter’s vertical screen is expertly designed for training climbing plants. It is built from horizontal slats, positioned to the front and rear of vertical battens, and can be installed in a variety of positions – the choice is yours.

Pressure treated and backed by a fabulous 15-year anti-rot guarantee, this wooden planter can be paired with other ‘living wall’ planters to create a stunning garden partition or boundary.

6' x 4' Forest 4Life 25yr Guarantee Overlap Pressure Treated Windowless Apex Wooden Shed (1.89m x 1.34m)

Celebrate the Start of Spring with B&M's Fabulous Forest Garden Range (4)

We all need to replace our shed once in a while. Right? Wrong! That’s because Forest has developed a brand new range of sheds that are built to last for life. That’s right…4Life.

Made in the UK with a modular design, pressure treated and packed with premium features, Forest 4Life Sheds are quite simply the best range of overlap sheds Forest has ever made. What’s more, they are backed by a market-leading 25-year anti-rot guarantee and will never need retreating, so you’ll have complete maintenance freedom.

With 30% more framing than standard wooden sheds, a ledged and braced security door, and a windowless design to deter unwanted attention, this 6x4 4Life Shed is the go-to model if you want secure garden storage in a smaller outside area.

6' x 4' Forest Wooden Garden Bar (1.88m x 1.99m)

Celebrate the Start of Spring with B&M's Fabulous Forest Garden Range (5)

Here’s a thought to cheer anyone up – as we enter spring, we’ve now got a good 6 months of outdoor entertainment stretching out in front of us. Yippee! And nothing’s going to make your garden parties the talk of the town more than a garden bar.

With bi-fold shutters, a solid bar top and built in storage, Forest’s Garden Bar is perfectly designed to make you the garden party host with the most. And, as it’s made from wood, there’s nothing to stop you drilling into the walls to fit optics and shelving, or painting the structure to create something unique.

This wooden garden bar boasts a smart modular design too, making it easier to assemble, stronger and more versatile than other garden bars. It comes with premium shiplap cladding and a 10-year guarantee, giving you peace of mind that it’ll remain a much-loved feature in your garden for many years to come.

6'9 x 1'9 Forest Modular Wooden Garden Seating Set Number 2 (2.06m x 0.53m)

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Whether you’re looking to accommodate your garden party guests or create a special place to relax with the family outdoors, Forest’s brand new Modular Wooden Garden Seating is an inspired choice.

This particular outdoor seating set features 1 garden bench, 1 seat/ table, 1 square planter and 6 trellis panels, which can be arranged into any configuration or used independently – the choice is yours.

Built from FSC®-certified wood, pressure treated and backed by a fabulous 15-year anti-rot guarantee, no further treatment is required, saving you money and leaving you more time to relax in your garden.

Let B&M Make 2023 a Vintage Year in the Garden

Pour yourself a cuppa and take a moment to think about what you’d like to achieve this year in the garden. Whether it relates to gardening, design, organising your tools and equipment, entertaining family and friends, or simply creating a relaxing environment for your family to enjoy, you’re sure to find exactly what you’re after, at a price you can afford, from amongst our fabulous range of garden products.

Did you know you can get free delivery*and you can pick your delivery date!?

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*Please note that there are delivery surcharges for a few remote postcodes.T&Cs apply.

Celebrate the Start of Spring with B&M's Fabulous Forest Garden Range (2024)
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