Creamy Cauliflower Soup With Rosemary Olive Oil Recipe (2024)

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An immersion blender works well to get the creamy consistency and is easier than putting batches in a standing blender.


I made the rosemary oil early and used it for sautéing the onions and garlic (which I doubled).Didn’t want to waste the oily rosemary so I pulled the leaves and chopped with more garlic and preserved lemon to use as a paste to rub on tomorrow’s chicken (will use more of the leftover oil as well!)

Lydia Sugarman

I've got a fresh head of cauliflower in the refrigerator that is calling out to be made into this recipe. The only thing I'll probably do is add a potato or two. When pureed along with the cauliflower, the potato/s add a creamy unctuousness without using cream, as many recipes include.

Jane Cutter

I have made a "no-recipe" version of this many times in the past. Rosemary sounds like a great addition. I think I might caramelize chickpeas in the rosemary oil and use those instead of croutons, to add some protein.


I'm happy to report this freezes beautifully, and now exists in the "Freezes Beautifully" section of my recipe box.


Just made this, croutons & all. Super delicious. Only used a 1/2 cup olive oil (with 4 sprigs rosemary) but next time will make more to have left over as author mentioned. I too looked up the recipe mentioned by others; no comparison! This has rosemary infused olive oil, & rosemary olive oil infused croutons each of which takes very little extra time & add enormous flavor!


I used Better than Bouillon’s “No Chicken” base - my go to. I paired with roasted balsamic carrots and a beet/avocado/pistachio salad - completely plant based and delicious!


Add a 15oz can of white beans when adding cauliflower. With an immersion blender, purée the soup. Makes a real meal. And VEGAN at that w/toasted bread and a flavored dipping oil


I’m stunned by how good this is. Just a few simple ingredients but it tastes so rich. Don’t skimp on the pepper. It gives it a subtle kick. Also, I sautéed some small cauliflower pieces in the rosemary oil which I used as a garnish rather than the croutons. Delicious.


This soup is delicious! I only made 1/2 a cup of olive oil and it was more than enough. Go light on the lemon zest, as it can over power the wonderful rosemary flavor. Will definitely be making this again!


I roasted the cauliflower before adding to the broth and it turned out nicely.


Save yourself a step and use immersion blender. Also doubled garlic and don’t skimp on salt


Didn’t have rosemary on hand, so subbed sage. Turned out delicious! Added a bit of garlic to the croutons for an extra note. Will make again!


Loved loved loved this soup. Simple to make, common ingredients, luscious flavor and texture. A keeper. Note: I probably used twice the garlic.

Jane Wilstern

Using veggie stock (or even chicken stock) plus the one step extra rosemary oil knocks this out of the park. It takes Bertolli's stewed cauliflower in water and adds depth and richness. Try it before you critique.


Insanely delicious! This last time I added the cooked carrots from my vegetable broth and added it to the oven roasted cauliflower. Cooled it a bit, then puréed it all in my Vitamix. Double the recipe, it freezes beautifully and goes quickly.

Kathryn Montalvo

This soup was absolutely incredible, I've made several times. The rosemary olive oil and croutons are the key. I roasted the cauliflower instead of sauteing, highly recommend. I used an immersion blender while putting the rosemary olive oil in, works great. It's hard to believe there is no cream in the recipe, it's so creamy!

Ellen Ochs

made (almost) exactly as directed. it's good, easy, and a nice starter soup. not quite hearty enough for me for a meal (but i work out hard every day and have a hearty appetite). the croutons were a must. in the end to add some heft, i also added some chopped avacado, and chopped heirloom tomato. I also went heavy on the garlic. I will make this again, and if you are new to soup, this is a good place to start.


It was very good, subtle and comfy flavor. A few drops of lime juice when serve can make it a little bit more interesting and fresh.

Megan in AK

I didn’t have anything but old crushed rosemary, so I used a couple drops of rosemary essential oil. I just poured a couple glugs of olive oil and a drop of oil for the croutons, and when blending the soup. I added some crushed rosemary to the salt and pepper when making the croutons. The croutons were amazing. The soup was very good and so simple. Will definitely make again and again.


Soooooo good! An immersion blender is perfect for blending in the pot. This has been our go-to soup for the last few winters - it's super simple, but tastes like it took a lot more time and work.


This is a delicious soup! As other cooks suggested, I added two small potatoes to the cauliflower and onions. I doubled the garlic. Don’t skip the rosemary, oil and croutons.


Absolutely amazing made it as the recipe says. Will definitely make this again


Very good. Not a lot of leftovers for 2 people. We plan to make it again and I might double the recipe.


I also put in a bay leaf and added a little grated cheddar and parmesan cheese. Topped it with some chili crisp to give it a kick. If I were to make this again, I would probably roast the cauliflower first to bring out more flavor.

Jordan Holbert

Is this good to make a day ahead?


A ridiculous amount of salt

Le Buffam

So good! The surprise hit of my dinner party. Don't skip the croutons. Used an immersion blender and accidentally added a bit more pepper than the recipe called for.

Linda PA

No changes at all! Lidey is brilliant. This recipe is easy enough to make at the end of the day with leftovers.

Jane S

After making the rosemary oil I sliced the onion in half and placed sliced side down on a large baking tray. Added cauliflower florets and a bulb of garlic cloves leaving the individual clove skins on. Coated everything with the infused oil. Roasted 20 minutes at 450F. Let cool, squeezed garlic out of skins and put everything in a large pan, added broth, salt and pepper and simmered 10 minutes. Added 1/4 cup of the oil and blitzed. Drizzled with lots more oil. Absolutely delicious!

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Creamy Cauliflower Soup With Rosemary Olive Oil Recipe (2024)
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